God Shaped Hole is an ongoing series of Al-generated videos in response to the ongoing war in Gaza and the proliferation of depictions of violence on social media timelines. Whether via the image or in the comment section, rhetoric takes on a tactile quality as we endlessly tap on a screen that flips from ideological dogma to celebrity culture, and sometimes, both all at the same time. This series engages with certain unforeseen patterns emerging out of witnessing this tension at a handheld distance. Whether grand declarations of conversion to Islam on TikTok by Gen Z users or the horseshoe leap of disillusioned liberal Arabs, the work, rather than cast judgement, calls into question the stability of the political framework we have inherited from the unresolved geo-structural debates of the 20th century. As a result of liberalism and the wholesale rejection of religion in today's world, we are left with a god shaped hole that young people have rushed to fill with political affiliation. This spiritual lack permeates the new tech structures and attention-driven economy that uphold them. The artist plays with Al as a tool since this new innovation haunts the political and artistic space with new potential of either anarchy or resolve.

Exhibited in ‘i took a screenshot of the whole world’ in POUSH, Paris.